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We take care of the technical stuff, so you can focus on your customers.

Our marketing platform was specially designed to allow business owners to track all their advertising efforts in one easy to use, affordable solution. Our system automatically assigns unique tracking URLs and phone numbers to all your advertising campaigns, whether they are traditional such as print media, or internet based ads. We then track the success of each of those efforts and calculate the REAL return on investment (ROI). Our Unified Marketing Platform utilizes an 8 prong approach consisting of the following tools and services:


Recent Blog Articles

Benefits of Using WordPress For Your Website

Why are so many people sold on WordPress as the best solution for their website? There are numerous benefits of using WordPress for your business. Here are some of the many reasons why many gravitate toward the popular solution for their professional branding and business website needs: User-friendly is quite possibly the biggest attractions to this solution. Many small business owners appreciate how quickly they…..

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SEO: Bing vs. Google

When Bing was first launched in 2009, it was met with widespread criticism and skepticism. The idea of a worthy competitor to Google seemed unlikely and perhaps even unnecessary. Now, however, having worked its way up to approximately 17 percent of all searches online, webmasters must recognize that Bing is here to stay. Search engine optimization was once almost exclusively the domain of Google, but…..

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SMMart Marketing

Social Media Marketing represents a practical business tool for entrepreneurs. This marketing platform offers both a small business and larger corporations an affordable opportunity to reach out to digital customers. The non-threatening social arena is the perfect avenue for establishing goodwill that can be later developed into business. Like any business tool, social media can be useful or a waste of time. Depending on how…..

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